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Eaagads has lived up to its vision to operate in an eco-friendly environment for sustainable production. Eaagads has complied with the requirements of National Environment Management authority (NEMA). The coffee estate has a forest cover of 2.6 hectares comprising of eucalyptus, grevillea, moringa oleifera and cypress forest species. Moreover we have 47% of the land under the flora cover. We recycle water used in wet mills processing to ensure we do not have effluent getting into water basins. The by-product (cherry husks) of the wet processing we bio-grade them to compost manure for organic soil enrichment.  We have shade trees inter-planted within the coffee bushes.

We take conscious measures to minimize any adverse effects on the environment. All products used in the plantation are certified and recommended as safe by both the government and international agencies. We conduct annual self-environmental audits to ensure that our operations meet the national standards. We are also certified by UTZ, an international accreditation agency.

We recognize the importance of being socially responsible by upholding values, principles and aspirations that meet the expectations of the stakeholders that we interact with during the course our business dealings.


We support the local community through various initiatives including giving preference in employment to persons from the immediate local community who are suitably qualified, whenever a vacancy arises. In addition, the company has constructed a dispensary within its plantation which is managed by a government enrolled nurse and accessible to children of employees as well as those from the neighbouring community.


There is a clear employment policy and terms of employment for all levels of employees are well defined. In line with international labour standards, we do not employ children.

The company is a member of an employers’ association through which it has signed a recognition agreement with the workers’ trade union, Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers’ Union (KPAWU). The company has fully implemented all terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in existence.

The company also contributes towards its employees’ social welfare by providing the following amongst other services:

  • A well-stocked medical clinic on site in which all employees and their dependents receive free basic medical treatment.
  • Accomodation, potable water and provision of a crèche facility where parents leave their young children to be taken care of free of charge while they work.
  • Facilitation of free counselling and other awareness campaigns on areas such as HIV/AIDS and drug abuse
  • Occupational safety and health awareness for a healthy and safe workforce in a safe working environment. We believe that a safe and healthy employee is more productive at work while a safe and healthy workplace adds value to the business by saving on unnecessary litigation and insurance premiums when risks of accidents are reduced or prevented. We have a functional Occupational Health and Safety Programme whose implementation is continuously monitored.
  • Gender parity – We give equal opportunities in employment, occupation, benefits, in obligations as well as in other social responsibilities. We also promote equality between men and women at all levels as a way of putting gender aspects of human rights into work programs for decent work.
  • We prohibit all kinds of sexual harassment and any form of violations of human rights in terms of physical harm, psychological harm, or any suffering to any gender including threats of such acts, coercion, arbitrary deprivation of liberty in workplaces or any other related form of harassment. We also condemn all forms of societal, cultural, customary, racial or religious practices or other forms of prejudices, which can promote gender discrimination at the work place.

In keeping with its vision of pioneer in the Kenyan Coffee industry sustainable production. Eaagads has attained internationally accredited certifications for its coffee farming operations, including:

  • CAF certification
  • UTZ certification
  • Rain Forest Alliance certification

We are a leader when it comes to matters coffee.

We are engaged in the business of growing, blending, and selling of coffee products both locally and in the international market.

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Growing 96%
Blending 95%
Selling 85%
Milling 97%
Marketing 97%
High quality Arabika coffee

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Grown in the famous Kenya highlands that have fertile volcanic soils.

Nuanced flavours

Fruity, chocolaty, nutty beans

73+ years of experiences for give you better results.

With over 70 years experience growing coffee, we have mastered the conditions that ideal for growing the high quality Arabika coffee.

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